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El Dorado Hills Therapeutic massages

The scientific art and system of the assessment of and the manual application to the superficial soft tissue of skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and the structures that lie within the superficial tissue by using the hand, foot, knee, arm, elbow, and forearm through the systematic external application of touch, stroking (effleurage), friction, vibration, percussion, kneading (petrissage), stretching, compression, or passive and active joint movements within the normal physiologic range of motion. Also included are adjunctive external applications of water, heat, and cold for the purposes of establishing and maintaining good physical condition and health through normalizing and improving muscle tone, promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation, and producing therapeutic effects on the respiratory and nervous systems, and the subtle interactions between all body systems. These intended effects are accomplished through the energetic and mind/body connections in a safe, non-sexual environment that respects the client's self-determined outcome for the session.

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